• Easy Yu Lin Chi

    "EASY Yu Lin Chi" is baked like a deep-frying with little oil in frying-pan.By heating the meat in the microwave in advance, they will thoroughly cooked even a little oil, and becomes crispy.Sauce soaks into meat and cabbage, and it dish goes well with the rice.

  • Easy Foil-Braised Chicken

    Chicken breast usually become very dry when cooked, but they can be soft and juicy with the power of radish enzymes.
    Add Ponzu sauce on hot foil-braised chicken and enjoy.

  • Awa-odori Chicken Gizzard with Herb and New Potatoes Stir Fry

    Add the crunchy texture gizzards with the seasonal aroma of new potatoes and bamboo shoots and with wine tonight.

  • Awa-odori Chicken Wings Aqua Pazza Style with Seasonal Vegetables…

    Arranged aquapazza style dish used chicken wings instead of seafood. The taste of the ingredients is dissolved in the soup.
    Great for hospitality dishe with the seasonal and colorful vegetables.

  • “Easy Arrangement” Georgia Home CookingShkmeruli

    Georgian traditional home cooking who had came to the camp to Tokushima prefecture at 2019. Rugby World Cup.
    You can make easy arrangement dish with commercially available stew roux.

  • Let’s Make Awa-odori Fried Chicken Tulips

    “Tulip”which is becoming quite scarceis to seeing at the meat section, Chicken wings are difficult to eat as they are, but make a tulip become easier to eat. If you make them with Awa-odori chicken wings, you can make a large tulips.

  • Let’s Remove Meat from Awa-odori Chicken drumette

    Remove the bones from the chicken drumette. The drumette are large for cooking as they are, but they are easier to use if you remove the bones.Boneless meat can be used for various dishes, such as grilling and fried.

  • Refreshing with lemon Awa-odori Chicken with Salt and Green Onions.

    Popular at home "Green onion salt taste" Adding lemon juice makes refreshing taste and have a good appetite !
    It goes well with alcohol and rice.

  • Grilled Awa-odori Chicken Drumsticks with Miso and Orange flavor

    An unusual combination of orange and miso, but the refreshing flavor of orange and the rich taste of miso is fits well.

  • Slightly Cheese Flavor Awa-odori Chicken Piccata

    A chicken breast Piccata that is coated by egg and cheese. It will baked to be moist and tender texture.

  • Nostalgic … Fried Awa-odori Chicken Wings Tulips

    "Tulip" which is becoming quite scarceis to seeing at the meat section, but If you learn how to make it, you can cook delicious fried chicken with bone at home.

  • Crumbly Mille-feuille Deep-Fried Skewers

    Chicken breast usually has images of hard and very dry, but they will become soft depend on preparation method.




  • Roasted Awa-Odori Chicken in The Dutch Oven

    Easy BBQ chicken in the dutch oven.
    Enjoy this tender Awa-Odori chicken with your family and friends!

  • Bang Bang Awa-Odori Chicken

    Easy cook Bang Bang chicken, use only a large bowl!
    Roasting the chicken breast slowly by low temperature makes the chicken becomes tender and moist.

  • Awa-Odori Chicken Shabu-Shabu Hot Pot

    Healthy and tasty Shabu-Shabu hot pot use the chicken contains high-quality protein.

  • Steamed Awa-Odori Chicken Breast and Vegetable in Foil

    Moist & Tender! Easy steamed chicken breast in foil.
    This dish is notable for the delicious shiitake mushrooms flavor.

  • Cheese Dakgalbi with Awa-Odori Chicken Thigh

    This popular Korean dish “Cheese Dakgalbi” is easy to make at home!
    Once you try eating this oozy cheese and tasty salty-sweet sauce, you will become addicted.

  • Awa-Odori Chicken Salad

    You can make use of this one in various ways of cooking, for example, sandwich fillings or chicken Piccata.